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Taiwan and the U.S: Shared Strategic Interests

Taiwan and the United States share free market systems, democratic politics, and a huge volume of trade.  The two nations also have shared strategic interests.  Situated at the center of the first island chain that brackets East Asia, Taiwan holds a tactical position of unsurpassed importance in preserving the peace and stability on which Asia’s continued prosperity and democratic progress rest.

On Thursday, November  21, 2013, Hudson Institute’s Washington, DC headquarters hosted a public conference on the shared strategic interests of Taiwan and the United States. The discussion featured four distinguished guest experts and was moderated by Hudson Senior Fellow Seth Cropsey.


Seth Cropsey Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow and former Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy

Cheng-Chian Teng Panelist

Distinguished Professor of Diplomacy & Director, Center for International Negotiation, National Chengchi University (Taiwan)

Dennis Halpin Panelist

Visiting Scholar, US-Korea Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

Paul Giarra Panelist

President, Global Strategies & Transformation

Abraham Denmark Panelist

Vice President for Political and Security Affairs, National Bureau of Asian Research


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