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The Transformational Decade: A book discussion with Herbert London

In The Transformational Decade: Snapshots of a Decade from 9/11 to the Obama Presidency (Rowman & Littlefield), Hudson President Emeritus shows the transformation that took place from the attack on the World Trade Center to the start of the Obama presidency. London offers an insightful view of a tumultuous decade that has fundamentally altered our society and the world.

The latest in a series of “decade” books from London—including The Overheated Decade, The Counterfeit Decade, and The Decade of Denial —this new work illuminates a time that he considers to be a new and more frightful period than any in recent American history.


Gertrude Himmelfarb, Introductory Remarks

Acclaimed historian and author

Herbert London, Featured Speaker

Hudson Institute President Emeritus and author

John Fonte, Respondent

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director, Center for American Common Culture


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