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Russia's Peacetime Demographic Crisis: Dimensions, Causes, Implications

Russia’s demographic trends portend a crisis of alarming proportions for the country’s future human and social capital, as explicated in grave detail in the National Bureau of Asian Research report Russia’s Peacetime Demographic Crisis: Dimensions, Causes, Implications (May 2010) by Nicholas Eberstadt.

Describing Russia’s depopulation trend as “nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe,” Eberstadt paints a compellingly grim picture of Russia’s future demographic profile, which has serious implications for the country’s domestic policy priorities as well as for the country’s ambitions to regain a preeminent position on the world geopolitical stage. Indeed, Eberstadt’s report leads one to question the very viability of Russia as a resurgent power of the twenty-first-century.


Roy Kamphausen, Moderator

Senior Associate, National Bureau of Asian Research

Nicholas Eberstadt, Panelist

American Enterprise Institute (AEI)

S. Enders Wimbush, Panelist

Hudson Institute Senior Vice President

Fiona Hill, Panelist

Brookings Institution


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