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Rethinking the Pentagon Papers

Gabriel Schoenfeld

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The Impact of ISIS on Global Salafism and South Asian Jihad

Thomas F. Lynch III

This paper defines the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) Caliphate, including its distinctive features as a Salafi-jihadist group. It also high...

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The Naqshbandi-Khalidi Order and Political Islam in Turkey

Svante E. Cornell & M. K. Kaya

In the past two decades, Turkey has emerged on the global scene. It has enjoyed dramatic economic growth that has catapulted it into the exclusive G20...

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How to Destroy Islamic State (and How Not To)

Michael Doran , Michael Pregent , Eric B. Brown & Peter Rough

Why has a ragtag force been able to hold out against the world's most powerful country? Because America’s regional strategy is based on false precepts...

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