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21st Century Sims: Innovation, Education, and Leadership for the Modern Era

How Should the U.S. Roll Back and Defeat the Islamic State? March 19th Event

Securing Defense Technology in a Globalized Marketplace December 17th Event


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America's Defense Still Requires Aircraft Carriers

Seth Cropsey & Bryan McGrath

Jerry Hendrix of the Center for a New American Security took to the pages of __National Review__ this week ("“Drydock Time: The Navy’s Aircraft Ca...

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Responding to Washington Post's "Fact Checker" on April 22, 2015

Seth Cropsey

“Walking dead” is a truer description of a nation that finds itself unexpectedly engaged in a conflict with defenses that are much weaker than what it...

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Why Are We Sending This Attack Helicopter to Pakistan?

Husain Haqqani

Past behavior indicates Islamabad won’t use the Viper and other U.S. weapons against jihadists....

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