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A Survivor’s Account of Boko Haram’s Religious Cleansing in Nigeria May 13th Event

Mislabeled as Terrorists: Government Inaction Keeps Refugee Families Apart

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China is Complicit in North Korea's Human Rights Abuses

Melanie Kirkpatrick & Victor Cha

Wherever you are vacationing this summer, chances are you will encounter someone with his nose buried in David Baldacci's latest best-seller, "The Tar...

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A scary, not merry, Christmas for Christians in the Middle East

Lela Gilbert

Whether the words are “Merry Christmas” or the more politically correct “Happy Holidays,” late December merriment is a given in many parts of ...

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Obama's Sudan Policy Imperative

Nina Shea & Leonard Leo

Ret.General Scott Gration, President Obama's new special envoy on Sudan, faces baptism by fire. He visits Sudan this week in the hope of resolving an ...

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