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Hannah Thoburn interviewed in Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on the future of Moscow-Washington relations under President Trump

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Carolyn Stewart Press Secretary P: 202-974-6456

Chris DeMuth’s article on arguments within the Trump White House written up in Washington Times

Hannah Thoburn interviewed in Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on the future of Moscow-Washington relations under President Trump

Kenneth Weinstein and Arthur Herman quoted in Agence France-Presse on the US, Japan, and the current global security environment

Jeff Anderson’s polling on Obamacare written up in Townhall and Washington Free Beacon

Kenneth Weinstein quoted in The Wall Street Journal on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s strategy for President Trump

Bryan McGrath co-authored a CSBA report, Restoring American Seapower: A New Fleet Architecture for the United States Navy

Samuel Tadros quoted in U.S. News & World Report and Herald and News on President Trump’s executive order regarding religious minorities

Jerry Norris’s Letter to the Editor on the causes behind the high price of pharmaceuticals published in the Washington Post

Jeff Anderson’s article on how auto-enrollment goes beyond even Obamacare’s individual mandate quoted in Politico

Amb. Husain Haqqani and Lisa Curtis’s new report written up in Daily Signal, Brookings Blog, Intl Business Times, Economic Times, and Business Standard

Hudson’s Center for American Seapower report, Sharpening the Spear: The Carrier, the Joint Force, and High-End Conflict quoted in National Interest

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Nathaniel Barr’s Current Trends article, How Al-Qaeda Survived the Islamic State Challenge, cited in Washington Examiner

Ben Haddad quoted in The Atlantic on François Fillon’s domestic and foreign policy

John Weicher’s latest report, The Distribution of Wealth in America, 1983-2013 written up in MarketWatch

Ben Haddad interviewed in L’Express on the upcoming presidential election in France

Jeff Anderson’s article on Obamacare’s auto-enrollment cited in The Federalist and Washington Examiner

Nina Shea quoted in Washington Times on President Trump’s temporary travel ban granting preferred refugee status to persecuted religious minorities

Jeff Anderson’s article on an Obamacare replacement featured in the New York Post

Nina Shea quoted in USA Today and The Jerusalem Post on the US’s past reliance on the UN High Commissioner on Refugees to vet potential immigrants

Jeff Anderson quoted in Weekly Standard comparing Obamacare with the healthcare alternative of Tom Price, President Trump’s choice for secretary of Health and Human Services

Nina Shea quoted in the Washington Post on Syrian Christians in UN refugee camps

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