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India's Airpower Modernization

Through the ongoing modernization of its air force, India seeks to establish itself as a modern aerospace power with trans-regional reach. The Indian Air Force remains a critical component of the country’s conventional and nuclear deterrent and its ongoing efforts to enhance its force capabilities will have a significant impact on strategic stability in the entire region.

In a major Washington address, Indian Air Vice Marshal Muthumanikam Matheswaran discussed the air force’s strategic vision, doctrine, and modernization plans in the context of India’s threat environment and strategy. He will also discuss the role of international cooperation, particularly with the United States, in India’s efforts to become a global aerospace power.

John Walters, Introductory Remarks

Hudson Institute Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jack Gill, Moderator

Professor, Near East–South Asia Center and former U.S. Army South Asia Foreign Area officer

Muthumanikam Matheswaran, Featured Speaker

Vice Marshall, Indian Air

Hudson Experts

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