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Propaganda posters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at Petare slum in Caracas on April 13, 2013. (RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP/Getty Images)

The Mysterious Resilience of the Maduro Regime

In Venezuela, everything is crashing except the government. Shortages in food, medicine, clean drinking water, money, and even the paper needed to produce passports continue to cause mass suffering in the oil-rich country. Despite the wealth of resources in Venezuela, mismanagement and global economic trends have led to the collapse or malfunctioning of almost every sector of the formal economy. And yet, the Maduro administration has survived for four years. How much longer can it last in this crisis-torn country?

On Wednesday, March 29, Hudson Institute’s Center for Latin America Studies will host a discussion on the political factors that explain the resilience of the Maduro administration. Javier Corrales, a professor at Amherst College and author of Dragon in the Tropic: The Legacy of Hugo Chávez, will analyze the situation in Venezuela, drawing comparisons with crises elsewhere in Latin America and identifying the key components of the Venezuelan government’s survival strategy. Gustavo Coronel, a distinguished Venezuelan geologist and political scientist, and Hector Schamis, a professor at Georgetown University, will offer commentary on Professor Corrales’s remarks. The discussion will be moderated by Hudson Senior Fellow Ambassador Jaime Daremblum.

A light lunch will be available at 11:30 am and the program will begin at noon. This event will be live streamed on Hudson’s homepage.


Ambassador Jaime Daremblum Moderator

Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Latin American Studies, Hudson Institute

Javier Corrales Speaker

Professor, Amherst College, and author of Dragon in the Tropic: The Legacy of Hugo Chávez

Gustavo Coronel Commentator

Founding Member, Board of Petróleos de Venezuela and former member of the Venezuelan Congress

Hector E. Schamis Commentator

Adjunct Professor, Center for Latin American Studies, Georgetown University

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