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Arielle Roth

Legal Fellow, Center for the Economics of the Internet

Arielle is a Legal Fellow at the Hudson Institute's Center for the Economics of the Internet, where she analyzes telecommunications law and policy. Prior to joining Hudson, Arielle was a Koch Summer Fellow and worked at the Federalist Society. A native of Canada, she previously served as a communications assistant for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. She holds degrees from the University of Toronto and the McGill University Faculty of Law.

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Corrosive Legal Uncertainty Remains after DC Circuit’s Rehearing Denial in “Net Neutrality” Case

Arielle Roth

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit denied the request for en banc rehearing in US Telecom v. FCC, better known as the “net neutrality” case....

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Harold Furchtgott-Roth and Arielle Roth’s article, “How the FCC’s Proposed Privacy Rules Would Create a False Sense of Consumer Privacy” quoted in Forbes